ExACT Manufacturing Pte Ltd

We are ExACT Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. Singapore.

We manufacture Ex xenon strobes, ATEX certified.

Is that all we do?

Not all - we sell communication systems that use Ex xenon strobes, such as public address systems, and communication products that need xenon strobes, such as telephone acoustic booths.

We are an ISO 9001 organisation. That means that we care for our customers, care for our employees, manage the company well, and try to constantly improve the way we make our xenon strobes.

We are the sort of company you might wish to deal with. We act, we try to be fair, and we walk with you every step. Do we have competitors? You bet we do. Are our prices competitive? Of course: that is why we are still in business after 15 years.

ExACT is an established brand in Singapore. We manufacture, we deliver, we support.